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Road to valor

Tea Camporesi reviews the book by Aili and Andres McConnon about Gino Bartali, the Italian cycling champion who risked his life to rescue 800 Jews in Italy during World War II. One example of the athlete's goodness and wisdom: “If you are good at sport - Bartali used to say - they will pin medals on your jersey, and then they will shine in a museum. But if you win a medal for doing good it will pin on your soul and will shine elsewhere”.

The San Sebastián meeting

Editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous

 “In 2016, when San Sebastián becomes the cultural capital of Europe, we will create a garden of the Righteous, to promote the memory of Good, as an example of dialogue and reconciliation. We want to instil a taste for

Gabriele Nissim in Donostia - San Sebastiàn

Gariwo chairman Gabriele Nissim, in his capacity as Vicepresident of the Association for Milan's Garden of the Righteous chaired by city Mayor Giuliano Pisapia, is attending meetingEncounter between cities destroyed by war, an event set out by the Basque city of San Sebastiàn to commemorate the bicentenary of the destruction and reconstruction of Donostia/San Sebastián in 1813. 

MIssing people portrayed on city walls

Yemeni artist Murad Sobay stenciled the faces of the disappeared dissidents on Sana'a walls, which now turned from prisons or barriers into memory places. Street art could have an impact also on this country's traditionalist society.  

The Music of Terezin

Holocaust survivor George Horner, aged 90, played the music of the ghetto with world-famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. "He is a living contradiction to what Holocaust deniers are saying", commented the musician. 

Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy

25-26 October, in the Polish capital conference about the development of democracy. Opening statements by Foreign Affairs Minister Sikorski and moderation of transition panel by IPN Chairman Dr. Kaminski. 

Cultural dialogue with the world

Visions and awareness

Gariwo, the Garden of the Righteous, has been working on the concept of the Righteous for many years, with the goal of spreading the awareness of the importance of exemplary figures, those who show how to build a future of peaceful coexistence. This is important especially for the young people, who look for reference points to which they can relate the fundamental choices of life.
In recent years the interest towards the Righteous has greatly increased and this paradigm of moral resistance is essential for the development of collective consciousness on major ethical issues of our time.
We believe that the involvemnet of youth, the school operators, the academic, intellectual, artistic, media and public  and private institutionsm is crucial to maintain and strengthen the cultural orientation, which takes this direction.

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Il Memorioso. Short guide to the memory of Good

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