​ The Righteous of our time, for a new “Charter 77”
by Gabriele Nissim

​  The Righteous of our time, for a new “Charter 77”

Topical issues

Lukasz Urban, the Righteous man from Berlin

Lukasz Urban tried until the end to stop the assailant who seized him and hijacked his truck in Berlin. He died at age 37, leaving a wife and a 17-year old son. He is an example of Righteousness, a Righteous who became such by chance. 

Syria: freedom for Razan, Samira, Wa'el and Nazim

is the appeal launched by 32 human rights organization for the immediate release of the four activists kidnapped by an armed group in Douma (Damascus) on December 9, 2013. Since then there has been no news about them.

"My Righteous deed has changed my life"

Lassana Bathily is a young Muslim who, on 9 January 2015, during the Paris attacks, rescued the Jewish customers of Hyper Cacher as it was attacked by the ISIS terrorists. Now people stop him in the street, youths ask him what they should think of Islam, and even the highest authorities look at him with a benevolent attitude. 

Fundamentalism and terrorism

Terror, the true mask of death

Terrorists are fanatic fundamentalists pushed by unrestrained and unreasonable fundamentalism, racism and ignorance to kill, destroy, sow everywhere panic and horror. Blinded by hatred and revenge, they erase the dreams of children and their mothers and deface the beauty created by God and men. The suffering and crying of the innocent are for them a reason of feast, of pride and glory. By Hafez Haidar

And if I met a terrorist?

I have always wondered: "What would I do, how would I behave if I ever had to find myself in front of a Muslim fanatic or terrorist who is about to carry out an attack, or more "simply" in front of someone 'radicalized'?". By Sumaya Abdel Qader

How to dissuade a terrorist

Which arguments could we use in a cultural battle against Islamist terrorists? How to deprive them of their influence on the gray area of the Muslim world, the one that, though condemning them, then justifies them, saying they might nurture an aspiration toward justice as well? By Gabriele Nissim

If confronted with a jihadist, I would tell him about my pain

My friend Gabriele Nissim, seizing the occasion of the reprint of Yasmina Khadra's book L'attentato (original L'Attentat - in English The Attack), asked me what I could do to dissuade a terrorist fascinated by the narrative of Islamist jihadism. What could I do, also ... in reference with my own family experience. By Maryan Ismail

Day in memory of the Righteous of the Humanity

The law about the Righteous as a free choice

What is the meaning of the law in honour of the Righteous of the humanity scheduled to discussion in the Parliament, which - as hon. Emanuele Fiano told us - we hope can be approved within the month of October? By Gabriele Nissim

Day of the Righteous: the memory of offense, the memory of choice

We would like to place the the memory of resistance, of choice, side by side with the memory of offense, which we want to keep safe from any attempt of denial, repression or indifference. We would like to place the Day of the Righteous side by side with Holocaust Remembrance Day. By Anna Foa

"My commitment to a law about the Righteous in Italy's Parliament"

"The memory of the Righteous calls everyone of us to his or her own commitment to democracy, fighting against racism and intolerance, countering any kind of violence and arrogance of man against the other men". We have talked about it with Emanuele Fiano, deputy and speaker of the bill at the First Committee.

"The Righteous. Normality that rebels against evil"

The draft bill for the establishment in Italy of the Day in memory of the Righteous of the Humanity was scheduled to discussion in the First Committee. We talked about it with Milena Santerini, President of the Parliamentary Alliance against hatred and racism of the Council of Europe and promoter of the bill.

  • About us

    Gariwo is the acronym of Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

    We are a Non-Profit Organization based in Milan, with international coworkers.

    Since 1999 we have worked to make the people aware about the Righteous: we think that the memory of Good is a powerful educational tool and can help prevent cases of genocide and crimes against Humanity.

    This is why we create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide and use the communication means, social networks and public events to spread the message of responsibility. From the European Parliament we have obtained the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous - 6 March.

    Our activity is supported by institutions, schools, volunteers, an International Scientific Committee and our 'Ambassadors'.

  • ​The Gardens of the Righteous

    The Gardens are like open books that tell the Righteous’ stories.

    They are public spaces, places of memory, meeting and dialogue. Here it’s possible to organize initiatives for students and citizens, to keep alive the examples of the Righteous all the year round, not only by planting new trees.

    The Garden of Milan was born in 2003 at Monte Stella Park. The Association for the Garden of the Righteous - formed by Gariwo, Milan City Hall and UCEI - was created in 2008, and it takes care of the Garden activities.

    Every year, a lot of Gardens arise in cities and schools in Italy and all over the world.

    Our aim is to create a widespread network to connect everybody who believes in these topics.

  • European Day of the Righteous

    On 10 May 2012, Members of the Parliament in Strasbourg approved Gariwo’s call – signed by citizens and representatives from the world of culture – establishing the European Day of the Righteous. 

    Starting from the definition of Yad Vashem, we have extended the meaning of the term “Righteous” including men and women who, in every part of the world, saved lives in all the genocides and defended human dignity during totalitarianisms.

    The date of 6 March has been chosen because it coincides with the death of Moshe Bejski, the creator of the Avenue of the Righteous in Yad Vashem.

    Every year we celebrate the example of the Righteous of past and of the present, to spread the values of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity.

For a Charter of Values

The Crisis Of Our Time

In the face of the istitutional, moral and cultural crisis that is spreading all over Europe, Theatre Franco Parenti opens its doors to the project by Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, for the creation of a public discussion on the theme of personal responsibility facing the challenges of the new millennium. The theatre's great hall will host 4 meetings on the moral issues of our times, through which a reflection will be developed on the Righteous. 

Happy birthday Gariwo!

The first 15 years of Gariwo

A special anniversary: 15 years of intense activity for the Righteous.
We have reached difficult goals, unexpected results, such as the European Day of the Righteous and the rising of many Gardens in Italy and in the world... and we are not going to stop. Happy Holidays!

The attack against the Bardo Museum

A wish come true

In July, Hamadi ben Abdesslem expressed a great wish: being able to find again some of the Italians he rescued at the Bardo on 18 March 2015. Now we found Valeria, who on that very day escaped from the Museum precisely with Hamadi.

Hamadi: I would like to meet the Italians I rescued at Bardo
the wish of the Tunisian guide