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Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

A home for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

"Campo Primavera", Spring Camp, a pilot project that combines crowdfunding and volunteering to help the Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon build houses of clay and straw which are decorous, low-cost and ecologically sound, instead of the barracks, for a decent life.

Persecutions > Armenian Genocide

The protest march for Kamp Armen

"Return Kamp Armen to the Armenians" is the slogan of the protest march called at 19:30 downtown Istanbul for the return of the former orphanage and summer camp to their rightful owners. A rally will also take place in Ankara. Since 52 days Kamp Armen Solidarity movement and the Armenian youth organization Nor Zartonk are occupying the site after blocking the demolition of the camp.

Persecutions > Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans

Srebrenica 20 years on

On 11 July 1995 the Serb-Bosnian troops led by general Ratko Mladic entered Srebrenica, killing 8372 Muslim men and boys. Twenty years later, the massacre still divided the countries in the region.

Persecutions > Jewish Genocide

​Runaway from occupied Croatia

Zeev Milo is 93 years old. The son to Croatian millers, a Jewish survivor to the Holocaust thanks to his runaway into the Italian zone of Yugoslavia, out of gratefulness for those who rescued him, he published several books about his story. Here we present an interview with him. 

Persecutions > Armenian Genocide

What Turkish Armenians have to say

What are the newest developments in the Turkish-Armenian relations in the year of the centenary of the Armenian genocide? What do the recent elections in Turkey mean for the Armenians? We hereby publish in French the article that Professor Michel Marian published in the last issue of Nouvelles d'Arménie.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

MOAS, a NGO to rescue migrants at sea

MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) is a maritime rescue station for migrants, as well as the first rescue mission entirely funded by private entrepreneurs. We talked with Regina Catrambone about this activity, the European response to migration flows and the value of the “Righteous in the Mediterranean”.

A tree for dr. Khalid Asaad

A tree for the Palmyra martyr

Gariwo urges to hold ceremony in honour of Khalid Asaad in the Garden of the Righteous of Milan

Corriere della Sera editorialist Antonio Ferrari remembers the great archaeologist slaughtered by the ISIS and demands a tree for him on Monte Stella hill. Gariwo joins his call and asks for City Hall to consent to hold such ceremony in September. 

​The Righteous in the Mediterranean

In the Italian Parliament a historic event has occurred. For the first time, the definition of Righteousness has been employed to bring about those who devote themselves to rescue migrants fleeing hunger and persecutions across the Mediterranean.

The greater merit goes to Hon. Milena Santerini, who presented the exemplary figures who act today in the same spirit as those who assumed moral responsibility for confronting the plight of the victims of Nazism.

What the Righteous in the Mediterranean and those of the Holocaust have in common is that they, albeit under completely different circumstances, acted in the chasm left behind by the international institutions.

"The letter to Hitler"

Gabriele Nissim's book

Gabriele Nissim's latest book tells the story of Armin T. Wegner, witness to the Armenian genocide, the totalitarian drift of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust. It is a powerful account of how a "special German" defied the cruellest power to denounce persecutions against the Armenians and the Jews. 

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