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Human rights violations in Diyarbakir

A "police operation" to be considered as "state of war" against a part of the Turkish citizens deprived of fundamental rights. The delegation of European lawyers in Turkey defined so the situation in Diyarbakir after months of curfew. Their remarks in the report released by the UCPI (Union of Italian Penal Chambers) monitors.

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

​The plight of Yazidi women

Irak is a country with a millenary history and a glorious past. Our ancestors created very good laws that have lived on for over 4,000 years. You know about Irak as a melting pot of faiths, but unfortunately you also know about the fate of so many Yazidis: they have been abducted and killed by the Daesh criminal group.

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Sicily loves the Righteous

After the Gardens in Agrigento, Catania, Linguaglossa, Marineo, Milazzo and Palermo, in Sicily the Righteous keep being in the spotlight, thanks to a spread Garden in  Catania and a meeting in Pozzallo in front of the tree for father Puglisi.

Persecutions > Armenian Genocide

Agos, 20 years of independent journalism

Founded by Hrant Dink and a group of friends as an expression of the Armenian community, it is aiming to further open its pages to democracy, minority rights and pluralism related issues in a country, where political debate and freedom of expression face increasing restrictions by the executive power.

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

A Garden of the Righteous in Rome

Rome, too will soon have its Garden of the Righteous. The fruit of one year of efforts by the Municipality Roma XII, upon proposal by ADEIWIZO and Gariwo, the new Garden will be hosted inside Villa Pamphilj.

Armenia 1915 - 2016

the analysis

​The Armenians between Baku and Istanbul

editorial by Gerard Malkassian, Philosophy Professor in Paris, 26 April 2016

I arrived in Armenia on the last day of the clashes of 2-5 April between the Armenians and the troops from Azerbaijan. I had, on the same day and in the following ones, numerous conversations with Armenians from all walks of life and levels of education. I was particularly struck by the mixture of current worries and old angst. As far as the actual situation was concerned, they often mentioned the resumption of a war that had been interrupted for over twenty years, the remarkable number of victims, the unbalance of forces, the ambiguous role of Russia and the silence from the Armenian political leadership. But it was easy to detect also the oppressing phantom of a bloody past: the fear of losing the last territorial unit inhabited by the Armenians outside the Republic of Armenia, the awakening of the memory of the pogroms of Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad, until the trauma of 1915 and its disastrous human, moral and political consequences, and all this only a few days before the 101th anniversary of genocide.

Our call

Our common dream

Prof. Malkassian and other prominent Armenian and Turkish intellectuals committed to dialogue and reconciliation renewed the 2014 appeal to an era of peace in the Caucasus, denouncing the current resumption of violence. In French.

Our 2012 Ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in Milan, where a tree was planted and a stone was unveiled in honour of Claire Ly, in the presence of the authorities and thousands citizens and students. 

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