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The diplomacy of Good
by Gabriele Nissim

The diplomacy of Good

Special Tunis

Bending down to ordinary people

"There are moments, in which diplomatic formality and institutional activities, inevitably burdened by matters of form and the respect of conventions, make a felicitous encounter with the human dimension and the personal tales of perfectly ordinary individuals...". By H.E. Ambassador Raimondo De Cardona

Hamadi: I would like to meet the Italians I rescued at Bardo

Mohamed Naceur ben Abdesslem is the Tunisian guide who rescued a group of Italians during the terror attack at the Bardo Museum. To him we will dedicate a tree in the Garden of the Righteous of Tunis. He really wishes he could meet the people, with whom he experienced that dreadful time.

Tunis. A Garden of the Righteous against jihadist terror

The next inauguration of a Garden of the Righteous, inside the lawn of the Italian Embassy of Tunis, comes few days after the tragic slaughters perpetrated by jihadist terrorists tied to the ISIS. And it retains a particular significance that the people who are holding this event have decided to plant a tree in memory of Faraaz Hussein. By Janiki Cingoli

The messages

Letter from Faraaz Hussein's mother

Faraaz Hussein, the young man that during the attack in Dacca gave up saving himself in order not to desert his friends, is among the Righteous honoured at the Garden in Tunis. Here is his mother's testimony, that has been read during the opening ceremony of the Garden.

In honour of Khaled al Asaad

We publish the message Cristina Miedico, Director of the Archealogical Museum of Angera, dedicated to the "keeper of Palmyra" Khaled al Asaad on the occasion of the inauguration of the Garden of Tunis, on 15 July 2016,

The words of Faiza Abdul Wahab

"It was very naturally that my Dad did everything he could to help his fellow Tunisian citizens while they were threatened by an external danger because of their religion". The message of Faiza Abdul Wahab in honor of her father.

Message of support from Wahat al Salam~Neve Shalom

On 15 July the Garden of the Righteous in Tunis is going to be initiated and it will join the Gardens' network. Here the message of support from the Garden of the Righteous in Wahat al Salam~Neve Shalom.

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Turkey, more democracy against coup - DemirtaƟ

The way out of the chaos is not the state of emergency but more democracy, says HDP, highlighting that, already before the coup attempt, rights were restricted by an authoritarian one-man-rule, on power thanks to a 'civilian' coup against democratic opposition, media, minorities.

For the Righteous

Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, stands for, is the acronym of, Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide.

We are a Non-Profit Organization based in Milan, with international coworkers.

Since 1999 we have worked to make the people aware about the Righteous: we think that the memory of Good is a powerful educational tool and can help prevent cases of genocide and crimes against the Humanity.

This is why we create Gardens of the Righteous worldwide and use the communication means, social networks and public events to spread the message of responsibility. From the European Parliament we have obtained the establishment of the European Day of the Righteous, which we celebrate annually on 6 March.

Our activity is supported by institutions, schools, volunteers and an International Scientific Committee. Many personalities of the worlds of culture, arts and science are our 'Ambassadors'.

A Garden in Tunis

The first one in an Arab country

On 15 July, inside the Italian Embassy in Tunis, Gariwo Chairman Gabriele Nissim, Abdessatar Ben Moussa and Raimondo De Cardona dedicated the first trees of the Garden to five Arab and Muslim Righteous who risked their lives to struggle against persecution and terrorism and for the protection of human rights.

Righteous who will be honored

Mohamed Nasseur (Hamadi) ben Abdesslem
the guide who took into safety the Italians at the Bardo Museum
Khaled Abdul Wahab
A Tunisian Arab who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust
Khaled al-Asaad
the keeper of Palmyra
Mohammed Bouazizi
the young boy who gave rise to the Arab Springs
Faraaz Hussein
the young man who in Dhaka gave up saving himself in order not to desert his friends