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“Facing the dark times of history with empathy”

Ulrich Klan is writer, composer and teacher. He belongs to the founders of Armin T. Wegner Society, is its president and the editor of Armin T. Wegner`s books. We interviewed him about the celebrations of European Day of the Righteous on 6 March in Düsseldorf, the first one in Germany

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

"The Righteous in my homeland"

Dyana Shaloufi Rizek is one of the people in charge of Neve Shalom, a village inhabited by Arab Palestinians and Israeli Jews who on 10 March will celebrate the first International Day of the Righteous in all mass atrocities. We are honored to publish her reflections. 

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

Turin joins EU Day of the Righteous

Turin City Hall joined the European Day of the Righteous, that was set up by the European Parliament upon Gariwo proposal to remember the men and women who bravely rescued and defended the persecuted during genocide and totalitarianism.

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Uniting the Arab world against ISIS

Not only the Muslim civil society mobilized in Oslo to create a "peace ring" to protect the Jewish Community after the Copenhagen attacks. The Great Imam of Al Azhar also called for reform of religious teaching to counter extremism. El Pais pointed out these are all signs of the "senseless goodness" put forward by writer and Gariwo chairman Gabriele Nissim

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

​The memory of Good and education to responsibility

3 March 2015 at 6 p.m., Palazzo Cusani, via Brera, 15 - Milan: "The European Day of the Righteous – The Memory of Good and Education to responsibility” in the presence of Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Milan's Mayor Giuliano Pisapia, the Commander of the NATO Quick Response force in Italy Riccardo Marchiò and the Dean of Milan's Consular Corps, Massimo Baggi

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

​“The Righteous are our role models”

The Director of Gariwo Sarajevo Svetlana Broz tells about the celebrations of European Day of the Righteous in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Here, a big annual ceremony is planned for bestowment of Dusko Kondor Award on people who stood out for or affirmed civil courage in the former Yugoslavia. 

Righteous > European Day of the Righteous

"The smoke of terror attacks is like the smoke of Auschwitz chimneys"

We first met Robert Satloff, director of the Washington Institute for the Middle East, in 2008, soon after reading his Among the Righteous. Lost stories from the Holocaust's long reach into Arab lands. For EU Day of the Righteous we interviewed him about the historical value and topicality of the Arab and Muslim Righteous.


European Day of the Righteous

Discover the events, the interviews and all contributions about European Day of the Righteous 2015 in the section dedicated to 6 March. 

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Waiting for 6 March

Interview with Nando Dalla Chiesa

Nando Dalla Chiesa, writer, politician and professor at the Università degli Studi di Milano, told us about the figure of Rocco Chinnici, the judge murdered by the Mafia on 29 July 1983. The Mafia acts like a dictatorship, explains Dalla Chiesa, and countering it requires responsibility and a "Righteous" legality.

The Righteous of the week

Alghanesh Fessaha

Alganesh Fessaha has Eritrean origins, though she’s been living in Italy for 40 years. Ayurvedic medicin specialist, she is the co-founder and president of the Gandhi NGO. It is because of the strength of her voice, the voice of an uncensored truth, that she obtains the Peace Award by the President of Regione Lombardia in 2009... We will honor her on European Day 2015

Italian Coast Guard

The rescue endeavour performed by the Coast Guard, from Lampedusa to all of Italian coasts, can be considered as a professional duty. Actually, women and men struggling to save the hopeless en route to Italian coasts do it with a sense of humanity and a spirit of sacrifice that goes far beyond the mere compliance of a duty, to the point of endanger theirselves’ safety. We will honor them on 6 March 2015 in the Milan Garden of the Righteous for European Day of the Righteous

The other Righteous
to be honored on next 6 March

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Alghanesh Fessaha

A woman to the rescue of migrants in Africa and Lampedusa