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Emilio Barbarani, a Righteous at the Farnesina

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed Gabriele Nissim and a thick group of students of Rummo High School in Benevento who, led by professor Enza Nunziato, promoted the nomination of Emilio Barbarani for recognition as Righteous. 

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

​“Syrian youths need access to education”

Elena Isayev, Professor of Ancient History at the University of Exeter, offers us a critical examination of the concept of "migration" in our culture, and suggestions on how to help young Syrians to make the difference. The death of archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad? "A deep shock for the whole scientific community".

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​Al-Asaad and the identity of a people

Milan has decided to honour the memory of Khaled al-Asaad, the keeper of Palmyra murdered by ISIS. We talked about it with Prof. Serena Maria Cecchini, director of the Italian-Syrian archaeological mission to Arslan Tash and deputy director of the Italian mission to Tell Afis.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Hrant Dink Award given to Saudi activist and Turkish LGBT rights group

Women’s rights activist Samar Badawi from Saudi Arabia and Kaos GL, an initiative that works for LGBT rights in Turkey, have been given this year's International Hrant Dink Award, dedicated to the Turkish-Armenian journalist murdered in 2007.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Gariwo awarded Menorah from Anticoli Prize

On the Day of Jewish Culture, the Holocaust Library of Fiuggi set up by historian Pino Pelloni bestowed on Gariwo the Menorah from Anticoli Prize.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

A home for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

"Campo Primavera", Spring Camp, a pilot project that combines crowdfunding and volunteering to help the Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon build houses of clay and straw which are decorous, low-cost and ecologically sound, instead of the barracks, for a decent life.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Iran, a historic turning point

After over twenty months of negotiations, the nuclear deal with Iran was reached. It is an important agreement, with a foreseeably major impact on regional balances, the fight against international terror, the relations between Tehran and Washington and the Iranian economy. We talked about it with Antonio Ferrari, Corriere della Sera editorialist.

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The protest march for Kamp Armen

"Return Kamp Armen to the Armenians" is the slogan of the protest march called at 19:30 downtown Istanbul for the return of the former orphanage and summer camp to their rightful owners. A rally will also take place in Ankara. Since 52 days Kamp Armen Solidarity movement and the Armenian youth organization Nor Zartonk are occupying the site after blocking the demolition of the camp.

A tree for Palmyra's keeper

Milan remembers Khaled al-Asaad

"We are filled with pride to learn that the call we launched after the brutal killing of Palmyra's keeper Khaled Asaad  has been promptly welcome. On next 18 November there will thus be a double event: in the morning the planting of a tree in the Garden of the Righteous; in the afternoon the conference dedicated to this figure of archaeologist." So said Antonio Ferrari, Corriere della Sera editorialist, in the Milanese newspaper today.

the analysis

​First the dogs, then the Armenians

editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous; translated by Carolina Figini, 6 October 2015

Ten years ago an extraordinary book was published in France. It deals with the Armenian genocide, and has the great merit to tell in only a hundreds pages, down to the tiniest detail, the key issues of the tragedy that unfolded at the beginning of the century. Philippe Videlier, in his Nuit Turque (Turkish Night) published by Gallimard in 2005, proved to be a great narrator who has the strength to make us think about the absurd motivations behind the executioners’ behaviour, the dynamics of indifference that repeat in history, the points in common between the persecution of Jews and the one of the Armenians, as well as about those isolated and unheeded individuals, who had the courage not to turn their eyes away and to express their solidarity to the persecuted.

​Ghayath Mattar, a Righteous

Message from Ghayath Mattar's mother

On 10 September 2013 Syrian pacifist Ghayath Mattar was killed in Damascus. Every mother in this whole wide world has a single heart, tear and tremble.. Ghayath's mother delivered a message to Gariwo for the European Day of the Righteous Ceremony. 

"The letter to Hitler"

Gabriele Nissim's book

Gabriele Nissim's latest book tells the story of Armin T. Wegner, witness to the Armenian genocide, the totalitarian drift of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust. It is a powerful account of how a "special German" defied the cruellest power to denounce persecutions against the Armenians and the Jews. 

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